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Candela Lasers Cryogen Canisters 1000 grams (10 Cases)

Skin Cool Cryogen 1000

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Skin Cool Center proudly offers the highest quality cryogen in the market. SkinCool Cryogen fits perfectly all Candela Lasers such as GentleLASE, GentleLASE Plus, GentleYAG, VBeam, and GentleMAX. Skin Cool Cryogen is safe and extremely effective which will enhance the performance of your laser treatments, guaranteed. SkinCool Cryogen is ultra-pure pharmaceutical grade and guaranteed to have a minimum purity of 99.99%. SkinCool Cryogen is sold by the cases of 12 canisters. Each canister contains 35.2 oz (1000 grams) of SkinCool Cryogen. Each case contains 12 canisters of SkinCool Cryogen. Sales of 10 discounted Cases of Candela Lasers Cryogen Canisters.